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Three S Consulting helps clients to ...

1. Improve Service Delivery
2. Personalize/Customize Products or Services
3. Restructure and Speed-Up Operations
4. Develop Successful Alliances/Partnerships
5. Enhance Marketing Effectiveness
6. Improve Outsourcing Outcomes
7. Deliver Excellence

… while delivering a solid return on consulting investment.

Top Selling Supply Chain and Sourcing Book on Amazon

The Supply Chain Revolution

Reviews – 24 

What Others Say


Ramesh Krish
VP Supply Chain and Head of Procurement / Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The Supply Chain Revolution provides a lucid commentary on some of the most basic supply chain challenges...

David Dreyfus
Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management / Rutgers Business School

The book was a good, quick read that offers advice, wisdom, examples that you can import into your own business or job. 

Yogesh Gupta
Vice President Global Operations / Cargill Business Services

Suman Sarkar does an excellent job of demystifying supply chain concepts...

Mary Anne Gale
Retired VP of Supply Chain / Procter & Gamble

A wonderful book for supply chain and business leaders

P. Venkatram
Vice President, APAC Planning and Logistics Head / LEGO

Thought-provoking book for supply chain practitioners as well as business leaders.

Richard Connelly
Former Budget leader, Energy Director / Defense Logistics Agency (Department of Defense, USA)

The Ideal Supply Chain Primer for the Time-Pressed CEO or Gov­ernment Executive

Atul Tripathi
Senior Director, Global Value Innovation / Pepsico

Brilliant, Clear and Simple Explanation of Supply Chain Transformation


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