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Three S Consulting helps clients to ...

1. Improve Service Delivery
2. Personalize/Customize Products or Services
3. Restructure and Speed-Up Operations
4. Develop Successful Alliances/Partnerships
5. Enhance Marketing Effectiveness
6. Improve Outsourcing Outcomes
7. Deliver Excellence

… while delivering a solid return on consulting investment.

Top Selling Supply Chain and Sourcing Book on Amazon

The Supply Chain Revolution

Reviews – 25    

What Others Say


Henrik Thorén
Vice President, Group Sourcing North East Asia / Ericsson

The book is very inspirational for anyone working with Sourcing and Supply Chain.

Dr. Christopher Burke
Dept of Information, Risk, and Operations Management / McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin

Excellent book. Well developed and hitting some excellent new and futile SC topics.

Ramesh Krish
VP Supply Chain and Head of Procurement / Presbyterian Healthcare Services

The Supply Chain Revolution provides a lucid commentary on some of the most basic supply chain challenges...

David Dreyfus
Assistant Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management / Rutgers Business School

The book was a good, quick read that offers advice, wisdom, examples that you can import into your own business or job. 

Yogesh Gupta
Vice President Global Operations / Cargill Business Services

Suman Sarkar does an excellent job of demystifying supply chain concepts...

Mary Anne Gale
Retired VP of Supply Chain / Procter & Gamble

A wonderful book for supply chain and business leaders

P. Venkatram
Vice President, APAC Planning and Logistics Head / LEGO

Thought-provoking book for supply chain practitioners as well as business leaders.

Richard Connelly
Former Budget leader, Energy Director / Defense Logistics Agency (Department of Defense, USA)

The Ideal Supply Chain Primer for the Time-Pressed CEO or Gov­ernment Executive

Atul Tripathi
Senior Director, Global Value Innovation / Pepsico

Brilliant, Clear and Simple Explanation of Supply Chain Transformation


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