Customer Driven Disruption

Everybody has an opinion about disruption–to Clayton Christensen, it’s the innovator’s dilemma. To Tech Crunch, it’s worth a celebratory contest. To struggling companies and employees, it’s nothing but painful. To companies such as Apple and Tesla, it’s something to master with tech and R&D.

Suman Sarkar shows they have it all wrong.

In this book, Sarkar proves that disruption doesn’t have as much to do with tech or innovation as it is the shift in customer expectations, wants, and demands. Ironically, most companies double down on their main strategy and disengage from the very people who could bring them back to life: their customers.

Your customers tell you what they want. Listen to them. In this book, Sarkar shows us why, when, and how we should listen.

About the Author

Suman Sarkar
Partner / Three S Consulting

Suman’s mission is to help clients achieve a competitive edge in the marketplace. With more than 20 years of international consulting experience, Suman has a proven track record delivering an innovative and strategic approach with outstanding results.