The New Rules for Business Disruption

Millions of shoppers visit Target stores every week. Imagine if Target shoppers spent 30% more; that’s $20 billion in incremental revenue. Greater than Whole Foods revenue. Ok, that all sounds great… but how?

Increasing revenue profitably requires intimate knowledge of existing customers. Creating service models that are difficult (if not impossible) for a competitor to match and enticing customers to pay for that service is a place to start.

To answer that question, I summarized everything learned from 20+ years consulting with Fortune 100 companies. The whitepaper — The New Rules for Business Disruption — provides all the steps you need to implement this revenue strategy successfully.  Or if you prefer, I can spend an hour with your team to refine your customer engagement strategy.

Now it’s time for Target to disrupt Amazon’s business.

About the Author

Suman Sarkar has consulted with leading Fortune 100 companies globally. With more than 20 years of international consulting experi­ence, Suman has a proven track record for bringing innovative ap­proach to business excellence through supply chain and sourcing.

Book – The Supply Chain Revolution (AMACOM)

The book details other strategies to thrive in this new paradigm. Such as:

  • Attract and retain customers through customization
  • Respond faster to market demand
  • Increase revenue and profit from innovation
  • Succeed with alliances
  • Invest smartly in brick and mortar stores

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What Others Say

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