The New Rules For Business Disruption

It’s estimated products are out of stock at retailers 10%-15% of the time. Responding to market demand faster will ensure consumers stay loyal and capture missed demand. Speeding up supply chain has also shown to increase profitability.

Kimberly-Clark can respond to demand faster by …

  • Removing supply chain bottlenecks.
  • Reviewing sales promotion policies.
  • Producing based on market demand.

To help you respond faster to demand, I summarized everything learned from 20+ years consulting with Fortune 100 companies. Get these answers and more in the whitepaper (simply delivery section) — The New Rules for Business Disruption — or schedule an hour to discuss.

Now it’s time for Kimberly-Clark to address softening demand.

About the Author

Suman Sarkar has consulted with leading Fortune 100 companies globally. With more than 20 years of international consulting experi­ence, Suman has a proven track record of bringing innovative ap­proach to business excellence through supply chain and sourcing.

Book – The Supply Chain Revolution (AMACOM)

The book details other strategies to thrive in this new paradigm. Such as:

  • Increase revenue from existing customers
  • Attract and retain customers through customization
  • Increase revenue and profit from innovation
  • Succeed with alliances
  • Invest smartly in brick and mortar stores

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